Account Based Marketing.

For most hi-tech companies, traditional marketing tactics such as advertising or even the latest darling – content churning – just doesn't cut it. Hi-tech marketing encounters very specific target markets and long sales cycles with numerous decision makers, almost always including all of the c-suite. So what's a marketer to do?

We're so glad you asked. Account Based Marketing (also known as key account marketing.) It works in partnership with account-based sales – the strategy most hi-tech sales team use (whether they know it or not) and is providing our clients big returns.



What is ABM?

Account-based marketing consists of essentially six steps:

  • Define what your ideal company target persona is. This is like a traditional buying persona but done at an organisational level.
  • Go on the hunt to find organisations that fit this persona. Through networks, LinkedIn, existing clients, the sales team....the list is long!
  • Identify key players in each company and map their role in the buying cycle – decision maker, gate keeper, influencer etc.
  • Define relevant and specific content for each target organisation
  • Define optimal marketing channels on which to reach them.
  • Execute targeted and coordinated marketing campaigns across channels but also in collaboration with the sales team.