Digital Marketing.

SEO, SEM, PPC, CTR, eDM, WTF? ‘Digital’ encompasses pretty much everything nowdays; websites (including SEO, UX/UI), online advertising, social media, lead gen, lead nurturing, mobile, analytics, content, apps..

Tech is our work and our hobby so both our natives and experienced seniors know the digital game. We’ve got you covered.

"Most, if not all of the Swaytech team I’ve worked with over the years have held senior marketing/sales positions in businesses rather than having complete agency backgrounds. Personally I think this lends itself to more practical advice and a flexible approach to getting things done.” 

- Nathan Soich - Compac / Solnet / Facteon



From quick refreshes to full-scale custom builds we do it all. No mater what you need, we've got your back: 

  • needs analysis
  • customer journey mapping
  • wireframes
  • visual design
  • UX/UI
  • competitor analysis
  • keyword research
  • content writing
  • photography – custom and stock
  • building
  • post go-live maintenance and analysis.

Where we add the most value though is under our marketers' keen guidance, aligning your needs with industry best practise, to tell a story and provide a behaviour flow for the visitor that leads to the ultimate goal of becoming a qualified lead.


Digital advertising incl. SEM (Search Engine Marketing).

Digital advertising consists of essentially three elements:

  • Traditional ads like banners, tiles, skyscrapers etc on relevant third party sites
  • Paid social media ads (boosted content, sponsored content, in-stream videos - no matter what it's called, they're still ads) 
  • And the current hot favourite, remarketing.

From full blown, multi channel campaigns, to simple creative ad design we have the skills to help achieve your goals. 


B2B lead generation.

B2B lead generation is hard. But B2B lead generation in the tech sector can seem near impossible. 

Luckily we have tech sales and marketing experts on hand. We'll work with you to sense check the oft unrealistic lead gen numbers CEOs love throwing to marketing. Then, once we have an agreed number we will craft multi-channel marketing campaigns to generate those leads. While digital will be a major part of any campaign, account based marketing and sales enablement will also play vital roles. We can help you with it all.


Content marketing.

You need something to say to help fill all these digital channels. But don't be suckered by the marketing automation promise. Rubbish content will solicit rubbish leads. 

We help clients create relevant content that is valuable, that people will actually want to provide their email addresses for. And most importantly, content that is aligned to the buying cycle and will work to move prospects through the funnel.

When it comes to content markeitng, it's all about quality, not quantity in the tech industry. 

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

Google changes its algorithms more often that people should change their underwear. Meaning that getting the coveted first page ranking for your chosen key phrases requires continuous work.

Yes, there are technical factors that must be done, and some old school factors that may be done for hygiene sake (here's looking at you meta tags.)

But, one thing remains true; if your website content is targeted, updated frequently and above all, relevant , it will attract the right audience, and encourage links-in which in turn will entice Google to improve your rankings. (Just be prepared; it's a lot harder and more labour intensive than it sounds.)


Social media.

It's not about posting a few memes and suddenly a strong online community will form. 

Social media is about connecting. Being relevant, having something of value to share and being consistent is the name of the game. 

Whether it be paid social (see above in digital advertising) or  content curation and creation or even the holy grail; community creation, we can help. But like SEO, be ready for the hard yards and a long game plan.


Lead nurturing (including eDMs).

It's all well and good getting contact names but the tech industry is a long game, you need to nurture those leads to move them to purchase. 

We are platform agnostic and work with all major marketing automation systems such as Hubspot, Marketo and Pardot. 

We can help you create the nurture flow, relevant nurture topics for each persona, integrate elements such as in-app/in-software nurturing for trialists, create the eDMs and landing pages to progressively profile prospects. Even better, we like sales (some of us have even been tech sales people!) – so we can create sales tools such as competitor comparison charts, battle cards and call scripts to ensure the nurture programme is seamless from awareness to conversion. 



What is your data telling you? Are you getting great CTRs but no landing page conversions? Why? How about your website. Where do visitors get stuck? Why aren't you converting more people on your site? And your advertising investments; one source may provide volume but low conversions, while another, provides low volume but high conversions. Which should you back and which should you ditch?

With data, marketing moves out of the expenditure column and into the revenue generating one. A much better place to be. 

We can help with any and all marketing analytics.