Marketing Strategy.

Maybe investors are asking what your plan is for growth? Maybe your UVP has gotten a little blurry and your market share is suffering? Or perhaps it’s time for you to take on new markets, expand to new countries, introduce new product lines or even prep for a trade sale or IPO.

This is when you need a robust marketing strategy. We’ll work with you to create something you can understand and have confidence executing.

“One of the key factors in working with Swaytech is their knowledge of the tech sector. This has helped them get to grips with our rather niche offering and be able to quickly deliver solid results for us.“

- Courtney Allen,
Director of Marketing & Communications,


Marketing pulse-check & strategic plan.

A vital part of crafting a marketing strategy for your company is knowing what resources and assets you’ve got at your disposal.  Get a comprehensive view of your digital footprint, collateral, and presence across various platforms and uncover blind spots so you know where to focus your attention first.

There are three growth levers for tech companies:

  1. Gain more intensity with focus: getting better results from our sales and marketing investment by being more focussed and strategic in the way we take technology products to market.
  2. Find how to express and capture more value: extracting more value from our sales by more often achieving premium prices.
  3. Smarter lead generation: being more innovative in the way we promote our products, especially in the use of digital marketing approaches.


    Market research and validation.

    Spend less time going down un-profitable paths. Remove assumptions about your target market, de-risk your next project or venture and take a clear-eyed view of the market and where you fit in.