In today’s fractured media landscape getting your message in front of the right audience can be difficult. While press releases play an important role in getting your message out, without smart targeting and follow up their effectiveness can be limited.

At Swaytech we’ve been on both sides of the media and maintain strong relationships with key journalists and commentators covering the tech sector today. We know which channels and individuals within those channels are best fitted to hearing your message and can ensure you get genuine follow up by helping you make one-on-one connections with the right journalists.


Press releases

Press releases are the most obvious piece of PR, but keep in mind they need to tell the journalists something that is newsworthy.

We help clients firstly check if their idea is newsworthy, then write the releases in just the right way to help get pick up and finally, we use our extensive networks, both here and overseas to help get coverage. 



Thanks to our extensive networks of journalists, venture capitalists, and experienced tech leaders we help our clients get to the relevant influencers.


Media training

We offer half day training sessions for staff who need to interact with the media.

A strong presence and knowing how to handle the hard questions the media like throwing at interviewees makes the difference between embarrassing media gaffes and extensive positive coverage.


Presentation training

Knowing how to deliver strong presentations is critical for both sales and venture capital pitches. Even the most subtle mistakes reflect badly on a company's brand and can jeopardise a presentation's objectives. 

We offer half day training session for sales staff and executives who need to deliver outstanding presentations every time.   


“While we [the NZ tech industry] are investing in growth by committing to
sales and marketing, we’re not always investing in the right things and in the right way and at the right level.”

- Market Measures research 2016