The EMA partnered with SwayTech to revitalise their marketing so they could capitalise on the future of business and manufacturing.

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Redefining Marketing for Growth

With a bold vision for growth, the EMA needed an experienced marketing leader to look at its existing marketing function and help the team deliver commercial outcomes in the short term while putting in place capabilities and programs that would support long-term business growth.


SwayTech deployed an interim CMO who assessed EMA's business, conducted employee interviews, and crafted a comprehensive marketing plan. This plan not only defined the necessary skills and personnel but also connected marketing strategy to business strategy. The SwayTech team assisted in recruiting a new marketing leader, ensuring a smooth transition with ready-made priorities and strategies.


  • 26% increase in web lead conversions
  • Optimised marketing function aligned with business needs
  • Reduced marketing spending with improved ROI
  • Enhanced website performance, boosting customer engagement and growth

Getting access to senior leaders who can quickly understand the current environment and bring their experience and professionalism is something I value. The SwayTech team delivered short-term wins while staying focused on what long-term success looked like for us. They not only put in place the steps to achieve our goals but stayed with us for 12 months to ensure we had a fit-for-purpose team that was making an impact across the organisation.

Brett Riley, CEO, EMA.

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