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Unleashing the potential of Kiwi tech.

Tech is New Zealand’s second largest exporter.
It should be 
number one.

Growth Navigators.

We’re a seasoned team - from CMOs to Marketing Managers - with diverse skills and extensive tech sector experience that help you navigate today's challenges, anticipate market and customer needs, and drive sustainable business growth.

Co-Founded by Bob Pinchin in 2006, SwayTech was created to fill the need for tech sector marketing expertise.

Today, CEO Michael Friedberg leads the SwayTech team; who live and breathe Kiwi tech. We bring the people, the expertise, the insights, and the network you need to scale.

If you want a partnership that becomes an extension of your team, not just hired hands, you’ve come to the right place.

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Meet the team.

Words by Sway. Team reimagined by AI
- because who says tech can't have a whimsical side?

Michael Friedberg

Bob Pinchin

Caroline Herrick

Gisela Montello-Bruce

Lisa Jansen

Robert Moritz

Gabrielle Pritchard

Nick Niblett

Angela Murphy

Bruce Buckman

Elijah Ng Chok

Afifa Chida

Michael Mcleay

Luna Luna

Michael Friedberg


“We talk about focus, clarity and scale at SwayTech. We live and breathe this: as client outcomes and how we make it happen. But this only comes to life thanks to our passionate people who pride themselves on being part of the Sway team.”

Michael brings an immense passion for and experience in all levels of the tech sector. He’s grown businesses from the ground up, spent 15 years at IBM in senior international sales and marketing roles and served as head judge for the NZ Marketing Awards since 2018. He’s also held non-director positions on numerous boards and is regularly asked to share his insight with industry and academic audiences.

Collective Expertise

We solemnly swear
we're up to
no good.

We don’t fit the moniker of agency or consultants; we see ourselves as Growth Navigators. We partner with purpose driven Kiwi tech business leaders who want a partnership that goes beyond hired hands.

Our mission is to enable tech Founders, CEOs and tech business leaders build a marketing mindset capability that unleashes their growth potential - at scale.

Whether helping to achieve sustainable growth, boost revenue, raise capital or break into new markets, helping our clients navigate their growth and success is what drives us, what fuels our purpose, and it's our unwavering focus.

We're determined to unleash the full potential of our Kiwi tech sector, helping to make it New Zealand's number one export of tech,
for good.

We’re playing the long game.

Delivering sustainable growth.

We believe know that the secret to sustainable growth and success is simple: establish trust, instil confidence and faithfully execute the strategy. But that’s not just what we tell our clients – it’s also the manifesto for our own growth strategy.

We don’t sell billable hours or marked-up deliverables or productised IP. We sell world-class, collective experience and knowledge. We sell honesty, integrity and the willingness to have hard conversations about what good, game-changing marketing really looks like.

We're local and independent.

Hungry for your success – not your budgets.

Our Services

We’re 100% certain that the better we can support, nurture and inspire New Zealand’s tech sector, the more potent our strategic superpower – the network of like-minded Sway thinkers, founders and leaders – grows.

We’re seasoned professionals you won't find anywhere else. Our combined capabilities and expertise span all marketing disciplines so we’re uniquely positioned to fuel growth, bolster creativity, and deliver long term success.

We're equipped to solve problems.

Establishing clarity to remove complexities.

We create strategic alignment that unleashes potential. From critical strategic support and leadership resourcing to pre-raise readiness and post-raise momentum, to marketing automation and creative execution. We can partner you with a unique team of marketing professionals ready to hit the ground running.

We're built for the hard stuff.

Leaning into complex challenges to ensure you thrive.

Because when we say “marketing” we think business and, when you no longer need us, well, that's what good transformation looks like.

Let's sway together.

Suite 2, Level 1, 18 Railway St, Newmarket, Auckland 1023 hello@swaytech.co.nz

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