Agency? Consultants? Growth Navigators.

From strategy to execution

We’re a seasoned team with a diverse range of skills and breadth of tech experience, from CMOs to Marketing Managers, supported by nimble execution. We understand the challenges, we understand the need, and we’ve experienced the pain. From strategy to execution we will help you navigate today’s business challenges, anticipate customer needs, and drive sustainable business growth.

Tap into our experience as we navigate your journey with you.

We don’t fit the moniker of agency or consultants; we see ourselves as Growth Navigators. We work with Kiwi Tech business leaders who want a partnership that goes beyond hired hands.

Our mission is to enable Founders, CEOs and business leaders build a marketing mindset capability that unleashes their growth potential - at scale. We help navigate the challenges of today's business world to achieve sustainable growth, whether to generate revenue, raise capital or break into new markets. We're determined to unleash the full potential of the Kiwi tech sector, aiming to make it New Zealand's number one export.

Meet the team.

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Michael Friedberg

Michael Friedberg


Bob Pinchin

Bob Pinchin


Caroline Herrick

Caroline Herrick

Head of Brand & Creative

We’re playing the long game.

Delivering sustainable growth.

We believe know that the secret to sustainable growth and success is simple: establish trust, instil confidence and faithfully execute the strategy. But that’s not just what we tell our clients – it’s also the manifesto for our own growth strategy.

We don’t sell billable hours or marked-up deliverables or productised IP. We sell world-class, collective experience and knowledge. We sell honesty, integrity and the willingness to have hard conversations about what good, game-changing marketing really looks like.

We're local and independent.

Hungry for your success – not your budgets.

We’re 100% certain that the better we can support, nurture and inspire New Zealand’s tech sector, the more potent our strategic superpower – the network of like-minded Sway thinkers, founders and leaders – grows.

We’re seasoned professionals you won't find anywhere else. Our combined capabilities and expertise span all marketing disciplines so we’re uniquely positioned to fuel growth, bolster creativity, and deliver long term success.

We're equipped to solve problems.

Establishing clarity to remove complexities.

We create strategic alignment that unleashes potential. From critical strategic support and leadership resourcing to pre-raise readiness and post-raise momentum, to marketing automation and creative execution. We can partner you with a unique team of marketing professionals ready to hit the ground running.

We're built for the hard stuff.

Leaning into complex challenges to ensure you thrive.

Because when we say “marketing” we think business and, when you no longer need us, well, that's what good transformation looks like.

Friends of SwayTech.

We are connected to founders, business angels, investors and global market decision makers. Our goal is to provide an end-to-end solution for the NZ Tech sector, across every stage of growth, by providing the right partners when you need them most.

Let's sway together.

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