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Key Challenges

Repositioning: The world-leading computer vision company needed to reposition itself from a service-led to a product-led business to maximize its sale value in a potential acquisition.


SwayTech worked closely with the Founder/CEO to define a new brand strategy, transitioning the company’s identity from a bespoke solutions provider to a hardware product company.

In under 5mths SwayTech restructured, redefined and delivered a completely new online experience, including a revamped website, updated messaging, and visual identity.

SwayTech redesigned and developed sales and marketing toolkits to support the company’s transition to a product-led business.


Sustainable Success: Through SwayTech’s swift and effective execution, the world-leading computer vision company successfully repositioned itself and achieved its goal of maximizing sale value. The newly established market position, brand identity and improved online presence will continue to support the company’s success as part of a larger global heavyweight in the industry.

Successful Acquisition: The repositioning efforts, supported by SwayTech’s strategic guidance, contributed to the successful acquisition of the world-leading computer vision company within just 12 months.

Brand Value through Improved Market Perception: The company’s transition from a service-led to a product-led business led to an improved market perception, enhancing its attractiveness to potential acquirers.

Enhanced Online Presence: The completely overhauled online experience, including the website and messaging, positioned the company as a hardware product company, showcasing its capabilities to a wider audience.

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