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Key Challenges

  • Simplifying Offerings: A New Zealand IT company, needed to simplify its offerings to stimulate new business growth.
  • Transitioning to Product-Led Strategy: The company aimed to shift from a services-led approach to a product-led growth strategy.
  • Identifying Unique Value Proposition: Unravelling a brand that was primarily services-led required identifying the unique intellectual property (IP) and value of an industry-specific solution.


SwayTech worked closely with the CEO/Founder to develop and execute a comprehensive Go-To-Market (GTM) strategy for the new product-focused approach.

  • SwayTech undertook the development of a new brand, with a focus on naming, Unique Selling Proposition (USP), positioning, and product brand strategy. Additionally, new sales materials were created to support the product launch.
  • SwayTech helped identify and define the unique value proposition of the industry-specific solution through relevant exploratory research and strategic workshop that delivered the necessary insight to identify the unfair advantage.


GTM Strategy Execution: The development and execution of the product GTM strategy ensured a well-defined and effective approach to enter the market and capture new business opportunities.

  • Successful New Brand Launch: The new brand was launched with a clear USP, positioning, and product brand strategy, providing a strong foundation for product-led growth.
  • Enterprise Sales Opportunities: As a result of the strategic approach and brand development, two significant enterprise sales opportunities were identified, indicating the success of the transition to a product-focused strategy.

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