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Leveraging limited resources to unlock high impact brand value

Parallo needed a strategic approach to amplify and optimise a sponsorship investment. This was a flat sponsorship package meaning there was no opportunity for additional branding or any activation at the event that would elevate their brand presence above other sponsors. They had no speaking slot and no dedicated sponsorship space on site. The challenge was how to enable a low cost, experiential value add to the event experience, that would be backed by the event organisers, captivate attendees and wider sponsors, whilst also leveraging their our own in-event attendance to engage an audience of 200-300 attendees.


After exploring value gap opportunities, we found creative ways to infiltrate the event experience both offline and online and linked engagement across three key activation layers. This was elevated through a creative framework that would cut through the noise:

  • A Digital Swag Bag as a value add that capitalised on the pre-event buzz and anticipation, plus supported the awareness of the sponsorship and event. This created a compelling value exchange for attendees, generated demand and positive brand association

  • In researching highest drivers of online event engagement, we set out to maintain momentum throughout the event – and after – with topical live-video commentary that leveraged Parallo’s presence at the event. This activated a consistent pre-during and post event comms nurture strategy that capitalised on engagement and captured relevant data that drove leads and conversion

  • Finally we amplified this by activating a cohesive trail and ripple effect with a branded in-event engagement moment which opened the opportunity to seed a post event close door VIP networking event amongst highest intent prospects at the event.


This end-to-end experience design and creative approach provided Parallo not only with the visibility and brand engagement they hoped for, but also with a repeatable, but adaptable, engagement framework they could apple to any future events, dialled up or down and reimagined depending on needs, budgets and objectives.

We needed ideas on optimising an event sponsorship to elevate our brand profile and engage attendees. The Sway team went above and beyond, providing us with a strategically creative end-to-end experience design solution. Our team recognised the increased awareness by attendees, event organisers loved the extra value-adds, and we really stood out from other sponsors. Investing in the experience design was extremely valuable for us, and it is something we can repeat and scale to maximise the return from sponsorships in future

Grant Osborne, General Manager, Parallo, a Crayon Company
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