SwayTech architected a new brand strategy for Pingar to redefine their market position and value proposition and enable new market expansion.

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Strategic Repositioning & Storytelling

Pingar, leader in intelligent data management solutions, needed to expedite growth. However, they struggled to clearly articulate Pingar's value proposition and tell a compelling story to prospects, customers, partners and investors. Their market positioning and messaging lacked clarity and was hindering potential success.


SwayTech worked with Pingar to craft a new narrative, clear, compelling messaging, an evolved visual identity, and a new website to support Pingar in accelerating their growth.


  • Redefined market position based on business strategy, market landscape, and customer insights
  • An inspiring company story to attract and connect with customers, investors, top-tier talent and strategic partners
  • Clear messaging and visual identity to bring the new narrative to life
  • Revamped website and digital presence

SwayTech's understanding of our business, their collaborative approach, and creative expertise has resulted in a compelling story and a modern look and feel that has helped us to reposition and communicate our value proposition more effectively. Pingar is now ready to scale for growth and expansion into new markets.

Neil Livingston, CEO, Pingar.

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