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Key Challenges

Establishing Scalability: A software services company targeting Government and Enterprise organizations globally, aspired to be a fast-growing business. The challenge was to establish a scalable brand and market positioning to support their growth initiatives.

Securing Funding: To fuel its growth ambitions the CEO needed to secure seed funding to accelerate its expansion plans.

Realigning Market Position: The company required a redefined market position and value proposition to better reflect its complex solution offerings.


SwayTech conducted customer interviews and market research to craft a new narrative, redefining its market position and value proposition.

SwayTech updated their digital presence, including the website, to align with the new market position and support the company’s expansion into Australia.

SwayTech’s partnership and strategic guidance enabled them to secure $800,000 in seed capital to fuel its accelerated growth plans.

A comprehensive digital strategy was developed and executed, focusing on launching a new product in Australia and implementing an Account-Based Marketing (ABM) campaign in the NZ market with new messaging. SwayTech also supported the rollout of a CRM tool to facilitate business scalability.


GTM Strategy Execution: Secured Seed Funding: With SwayTech’s support, the CEO successfully secured $800,000 in seed funding, providing the financial resources needed to accelerate its growth.

Scalable Marketing Initiatives: The establishment of a scalable brand and market positioning, along with an updated digital presence, enabled them to execute marketing initiatives efficiently and effectively.

Market Expansion: The digital strategy execution facilitated the successful launch of a new product in Australia, expanding their market reach.

Targeted ABM Campaign: The ABM campaign with new messaging in the NZ market helped them target the right audience and improve engagement.

Enhanced Business Scalability: The implementation of a CRM tool supported the front-end of the business, enhancing scalability and operational efficiency.

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