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Key Challenges

  • Limited marketing capability: NZ growth had been achieved through word-of-mouth, with no marketing capability to support offshore market entry.
  • Need for accelerated growth: The client aimed to accelerate growth in the Australian market and prepare for market entry in the US.
  • Unclear brand positioning: The client required a clear brand story and positioning, especially with an eye on the US market.


SwayTech Fractional CMO collaborated with the CEO and executive leadership team to create a comprehensive marketing strategy.

Customer interviews, competitive analysis, market analysis, and customer journey mapping were conducted to gather valuable insights.

Four strategic projects were initiated, with a SwayTech Fractional CMO leading the implementation:

  • Development of a new brand story and positioning, considering future US market entry
  • Refreshing the visual identity and logo to align with the new market positioning
  • Building a new website with a content management system (CMS) for easy updating
  • Creation, testing, and updating of new sales assets to support client acquisition


  • 20% Increase in Sales Conversations: The implemented marketing strategy significantly boosted client engagement and sales opportunities ($5m average deal size).
  • Revenue Growth Achievement: The marketing efforts contributed to 50% year-on-year revenue growth in the Australian market.
  • Strategic Branding and Positioning: Revamped the brand story, messaging, and visual identity to create a compelling market position, preparing the client for international expansion.
  • Enhanced Sales Assets: Developed and optimized sales assets to support effective client acquisition.
  • Marketing Capability Building: Introduced the concept of marketing mindset to the CEO and executive leadership, leading to hiring a Head of Marketing for marketing as growth engine, supporting and executing various mission critical programs.

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