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Episode 2 - Swaying With Strangers Podcast

Host: Michael Friedberg, SwayTech CEO
Ruth Macleod, Trade Commissioner, NZTE.

For our second episode we had the absolute privilege of swaying with an awesome 'stranger' - Ruth Macleod, a Trade Commissioner based in San Fran with an unparalleled passion for supporting Kiwi founders. If you're eyeing the US market and seeking some business growth wisdom, then this episode is for YOU!

From cheering for the All Blacks at an Irish pub to understanding the intricacies of the US market, our conversation was nothing short of insightful.

Ruth's golden advice for CEOs and founders... seek help, have a clear value proposition, and understand the investments needed.

Ruth also shares:
🚀 The invaluable role of the Beachheads advisory service for NZ tech companies.
🎯 The significance of a marketing mindset, customer focus, and groundwork before international expansion.
🔧 Why CEOs need to immerse themselves in sales and when to seek external expertise.
🤖 Plus, we do a mini dive into the world of AI and its impending industry impacts.

We hope you’ll enjoy tuning in!

"Swaying with Strangers (
and occasional friends)" is where we will bring Kiwi Tech leaders together to share the stories behind their marketing journeys that led them to growth...and the lessons and failures that helped them get there. Get unique insights and learnings directly from the field, from those who’ve walked this path before, to help you deepen your impact as you navigate your growth journeys.


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