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Episode 3 : Swaying with Strangers

Our latest guest on Swaying with Strangers is none other than the infamous Mr. David Downs. Our host, and CEO Michael Friedberg, sat down with David to discuss everything from the importance of creativity in the modern workplace, the power of branding in tech, to the intriguing world of AI.

We hope you'll enjoy this episode as much as we did. It's packed with golden nuggets of wisdom, laughter, and some great perspectives on unlocking creativity and brand power in Tech. A great episode to end the year with!

Psst: (...did you know David used to play in a ukulele band? Us neither! - Is there anything this man can't do!?)

Episode Highlights:

  1. From Stage to Strategy: Hear how David's early career in comedy and acting equipped him with improvisational skills and a creative mindset, proving essential in today's fast-paced business environment.
  2. Culture and Passion: David shares his drive to make a meaningful impact for New Zealand, blending his experiences in health, youth mentorship, and technology to foster a better future.
  3. Branding in Business: We talk about the shift in brand perception, especially in tech companies. David discusses the critical role of brand as a long-term asset, not just a logo or a marketing tactic.
  4. The New Zealand Edge: Hear how the global perception of New Zealand as trustworthy and innovative boosts its tech sector, offering a competitive advantage in international markets.
  5. Marketing Mindset: We explore the comprehensive understanding of marketing beyond promotion, delving into customer needs, product fit, and the entire customer experience.
  6. AI and Future Trends: Get David's perspective on the growing importance of AI in business strategy, and how it's shaping the future of tech and marketing.

🎙️ Tune in and join us on this enlightening and entertaining sit down with David Downs.


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