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Episode 4 : Swaying With Strangers

In this episode of Swaying with Strangers (and occasional friends!) - We sat down with Marian Johnson, a leading voice in NZs start up scene and the country’s top advocate for Kiwi entrepreneurs. We explored and unpacked the challenges and opportunities within NZ’s startup ecosystem and talked about increasing the pipeline of startups to fostering more women founders and leveraging AI in marketing.

Her passion and her energy are contagious! Tune in, catch all the insights and get inspired.

👉 Episode Highlights:

  1. Increasing the Startup Pipeline: Hear about the ambitious goals to expand the number of startups in New Zealand and the strategies to make this vision a reality.
  2. Supporting Women Founders: Learn about the initiatives set to boost the representation of women in the startup scene and the overall impact on the ecosystem's diversity.
  3. Leveraging AI in Marketing: Discover how AI can transform marketing efforts for startups, assisting with content creation and workflow automation, and its role in enhancing customer engagement.
  4. Government Support and Initiatives: Gain insights into the significant role the government plays through funding and policies to support the growth and sustainability of startups.
  5. Collaborative Efforts for Efficiency and Impact: Discussion on the need for a coordinated national playbook and the importance of collaboration between various organisations to drive efficiency and impact.

Marian is driven by a vision to transform New Zealand's economy into a knowledge-based economy. She is motivated by the potential for sustainability and the opportunity to create high-value jobs that position New Zealand as a global role model for innovation and startup success. We’re so with her on that. 👏


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