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Episode 5 : Swaying With Strangers

In this episode of Swaying with Strangers (and occasional friends!) - Recorded live during his visit to NZ Tech Week, we had the fantastic opportunity to sit down with Aaron live and in person, right here in sunny NZ.

A true innovator in the realm of customer experience, Aaron is renowned for challenging the norms and continuously pushing the boundaries of customer interaction. He shares refreshing perspectives and game-changer insights for anyone looking to shake up their approach to business growth and customer engagement.

His energy and visionary outlook are truly inspiring! Tune in, soak up the wisdom, and let’s get ready - it’s a powerhouse conversation. 🚀

Episode Highlights:

-> Challenging Conventions: Aaron delves into why questioning established norms is not just important but essential for innovation.

-> Customer Experience as a Catalyst: Learn how focusing on real-time customer feedback can transform your business growth.

-> Integrating Sales & Marketing: Understanding the power of aligning your sales and marketing teams to create a unified force for success.

-> Embracing Global Opportunities: Insights on leveraging the growing global recognition of the New Zealand tech brand.

-> Company Philosophy and Values: Unpack Ask Nicely’s commitment to curiosity, ambition, and exceptional customer service.

🎙️ Tune in and Listen Now.
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"Swaying with Strangers (and occasional friends)" is SwayTech's Podcast where we bring Kiwi Tech leaders together to share the stories behind their marketing journeys that led them to growth...and the lessons and failures that helped them get there.

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