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When to phone a friend - Outsourcing your marketing.

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New Zealand’s B2B technology sector often sees businesses initially grow organically through networking, word of mouth and client referrals.  If there is genuine industry demand for the product or service, marketing is often not the driving force behind sales in early stages.  In some cases, this means marketing becomes an afterthought, and often not followed through despite the C-suite’s best intentions. 

In time there arrives a predictable plateau in sales where organic leads are no longer enough to maintain trajectory.  To scale effectively, “proper marketing” is needed. 

In many startups, particularly within the Kiwi tech sector, marketing takes a backseat in these initial growth stages. So when the business hits this natural lull, more extreme action is needed to regain success.

Now at an impasse, the leadership team will take one of two steps: hire an inexpensive junior marketer, or an expensive senior marketer with a wealth of industry experience.   Both have pros and cons; however, there's a third route that offers countless more benefits to the business – outsourcing. 

Outsourcing marketing allows a business access to not just a single marketer, but an entire team of experts in their respective fields, from marketing strategists to digital campaign gurus, copywriters, designers, web developers and more.  "Sounds expensive," I hear you say.  It’s not. It’s a fraction of the cost you will otherwise endure building a marketing team not fit for purpose.

The more recently termed Fractional Executive services, makes for a far more cost-effective strategy;  a Fractional CMO for example, can provide you with highly experienced, executive-level leadership to develop a sound and robust marketing strategy – plus ensure it’s effective execution.  You can tap into an entire fractional marketing team or simply supplement existing marketing capabilities to accelerate your growth.  

Fractional access to top top-tier talent.

Great marketing builds your brand, creates awareness, generates leads, attracts new customers, and accelerates your growth. It’s critical that you find ways to get the absolute best marketing you can, especially when times are tight. A Fractional CMO with a solid execution team behind them may be a smart way to go.  Plus, it means you can add, flex, and switch out people and capabilities as your needs evolve. 

The power of expertise on demand

For businesses reaching the aforementioned fork in the road, this option is worth considering. A fractional marketing team or a Fractional CMO can be the secret weapon to optimise your marketing efforts and accelerate growth.  By accessing top-tier marketing talent, without the commitment of a full-time hire, you gain valuable insights, strategies, and execution plans that will help you achieve your business goals faster. 

So, don't let limited resources hold you back, you can take your business to the next level. Embracing the power of outsourced marketing services means you can tap into a world of knowledge and expertise, on a fractional level.  It’s a much more cost effective, low-stress course of action towards achieving success.

At Sway Tech we like to think of our team as Tech Growth Navigators.  We have been helping Kiwi tech companies scale their products and services to the world since 2006.  We’ve walked this path before, many times, and we can bring our collective experience to navigate this journey with you.

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