Sales Activation

Deliver incremental revenue and improve productivity by reducing friction in the sales cycle.

Sales enablement is a marketing lever that is often overlooked and delivers outcomes in three ways:

1. Customer and account focussed marketing designed to generate high intent sales opportunities.

2. Sales focussed activities that result in higher value leads and improved win-rates.

3. Engagement activities that support direct and indirect sales teams and pipeline generation

SwayTech brings this to life through:

Customer/Account focussed marketing

  • Account Based Marketing
  • Onboarding programs
  • Joint marketing programs

Sales focussed activities

  • Opportunity Identification workshops
  • Sales enablement/product training
  • Sales assets such as playbooks, use cases, calculators and demo kits

Sales engagement

  • Regular check-ins, webinars, comms, events to keep the seller/partner community engaged, informed, and motivated

Let's sway together.

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